Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I love crafts! Especially when someone else plans it and all I have to do is follow directions. We had our Relief Society Christmas activity this last week, and we made little crafts. I was really excited! I made a Christmas advent book, a book to keep track of birthdays and a set of blocks with letters. The advent book has a story and a song for every day of December until Christmas. We used it for FHE last night... it's great! The birthday book has a page for notes and a line for each day of every month. For example, my birthday is April 28th.  So, I would go to the April page and write my name on the line that is labeled "28." Since birthdays never change you never need to change the book. The blocks were my favorites. It's a set of 16 blocks that each have 4 letters, numbers or a symbol on 4 sides. It comes with a book and tells you what combination of blocks spell what words. I think there are almost 20 pages of words you can spell with it. There is something for almost every holiday and occasion. Anyway, I had a lot of fun making them and now I'm having fun playing with them!

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